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Manage expense receipts and invoices in the cloud


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Manage business and personal expenses


Integrate with Accounting software


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What our customers said

It is really easy to save my receipts in the cloud with payablebox. Simply take a picture with your mobile and use it for year end taxes. Highly recommended for self employed and contractors.

Jonathan Wright
IT, COntractor

Accounts payable was a very time consuming and manual process for our company. But now we automated the whole process with payablebox and this helps us to concentrate on core business. We are saving time and money with this solution. All of our AP backup is digitally scanned and available in the cloud on multiple devices.

Mary Flinch
Best Flowers, TX

No surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Payablebox?

Payablebox is a cloud based expenses and accounts payable management system. Our goal is the make the entire accounting process a click-and-go for the user. All the hassle of accounts payable processing, filling out expense reports, and manually storing documents in storage all disappears with a click of a button.

What are the benefits of using Payablebox?

Payablebox automates those pesky expense reports and invoices by allowing field employees and vendors to submit documents on the go. Make informed business decision based on built in live analytics. No paper equals no stress!

How does Payablebox work?

Payablebox prides itself on simplicity. Simply scan or take a picture of your invoice or receipt, then our intelligent document recognition technology populates key fields in your Payablebox portal. Once approved these documents can be sent directly to the accounting system with a click of a button.

Is Payablebox right for my company?

Payablebox is not just a one-size-fits-all service. Companies’ accounting systems have different requirements and we tailor our service to meet the requirements of your particular ERP system. In additional to accounts payable automation, customers have document storage in the cloud.

The Most Simple &Powerful Way to Manage expenses and Accounts payable in the cloud